audio notification support on soundtouch SA-5?

audio notification support on soundtouch SA-5?

habedakhabedak Member Posts: 6

Are there any plans to also support the audio notification API on the soundtouch SA-5 in the not too distant future? We mainly use built-in speakers in our house, and it would be nice to 'audio-notify' through them as well...


  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi habedak,

    We'd ideally like to support Audio Notifications for all SoundTouch products, SA-5 included! However, for various reasons (depending on the specific product) there are different limitations that have driven us to just starting with the 3 currently supported (SoundTouch 10, SoundTouch 20 Series III, and SoundTouch 30 Series III). I can't comment on any specific plans at the moment, but SA-5 compatibility is something we'll investigate, and I will post back here with any updates when I can.

  • LeeIIITNLeeIIITN Member Posts: 1

    Adding my request to this as well.. The API looks very promising. I presently have implemented a more complex approach to accomplish the same with HomeSeer. However, this could become a very elegant solution to providing notifications and then allowing the music to resume.

    I have several SA-5's with built-in speakers so this is a definite request for "me too please"!

  • methosmethos Member Posts: 1

    +1 for SA-5 support :)

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    peterdbpeterdb Member Posts: 3

    Another +1 for SA-5 support!

  • hviniciusghviniciusg Member Posts: 1
    HI Bose [email protected] :) any news about the implementation of notification support on the SA-5?
  • peterdbpeterdb Member Posts: 3
    Hi [email protected], will this notif support ever come on the SA-5? If not, I have to look for something else, because I have many customers who have passive speakers and who work with a home automation system. I get a lot of questions to have a doorbell sound through the speakers when the doorbell rings.

  • kitardkitard Member Posts: 1
    @[email protected] can I bump this please - 3 years since your post. Would be great to get a view on SA-5 support.
  • peterdbpeterdb Member Posts: 3
    @[email protected] I would appreciate it very much if there is any clarity here to kwow if this feature will ever be provided for the SA-5.

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