device Standby time

device Standby time

pranavgh1996pranavgh1996 Member Posts: 7
I would like to know is there a default timeout or something like, "after X hours of inactivity", the bose device will go into Standby Mode. How is standby mode defined or what does the device is in standby mode mean? Any endpoint that won't work if the device is in standby mode or requests would timeout and we need to hit some endpoint in order to wake the device back.

Basically I can explain my use case as follows (though this is not the actual use-case, the answer to this would work) "Suppose At 10:00pm everyday, I want to set the Volume to a particular Value, as well as the source (/select)."

So, is it possible that I will not be able to do it suppose in case the device had gone into standby mode due to inactivity / any other scenario?

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