Bose AR Unity Scripts *Code Sharing Thread* (Taking Requests)

Bose AR Unity Scripts *Code Sharing Thread* (Taking Requests)

Filip@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 43
Hello everyone, thought I'd start a code sharing thread since I didn't see one up yet.
Only fulfilling reasonable code requests, please be specific. This is also a code discussion thread, feel free to post your code snippets and questions.

I'll start with some GitHub repo links (Also taking any suggestions on improvements to these repos):

AR Musician (Demo Project)
Bose AR Unity SDK sample project showing a sound board example. Rotate your head to play sounds around you.

Movement Detector
Detect Jump / Duck with a variable sensitivity rate.

Acceleration Matcher
Works like the Rotation Matcher, but with the Accelerometer sensor. Contains a simple algorithm to negate gravity being picked up by the sensor.

If anyone has some really useful code that they're willing to share with the community, I'm sure everyone would be immensely grateful.
I'll get the ball rolling, looking forward to seeing what you all have as well  :smile:


  • VeaArthurVeaArthur Member Posts: 5
    Can you share how to connect multiple Bose AR devices in the same application? Like how you did that pong game.
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