Access to the AR Creator Tool

Access to the AR Creator Tool

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magicversemagicverse Member Posts: 2
Hi, I completed the Bose AR Hackathon at Capitol Records over the weekend and had access to the AR Creator Tool. I also used the sign up sheet. I do not have it now. When I log in that page I still have a profile but the team is removed. Can someone please get that going for me again, I want to make an experience with the tool right away, use the test app to test it and want to publish it and know more about that process with some questions. Who do I please talk to, please let me know. Thanks, Cliff Baldridge. Also the friend I invited to the hackathon won it and I filmed the entire thing and I do news as well credentialed and CES for 20 years. I want to finish the pipeline on this process and I am going to share with 23k Linkedin Executives. Please let me know Thanks, Cliff 

The person at the hackathon gave me the permission originally and I had a team formed and I created the entire app, and then he said it would be in Radar but then it was not and he sent me an invite to another testbed app but I was not able to log in that because I needed code and the link did not provide the code or auth. So please let me know as I am going to showcase and cover this and did a speech on it on video at Capitol Records and I want to quickly make an app, finish this process and get this published and more after that.

I also want to know the entire process as far as. Is an app free or does it cost money to host the app at the store, is the app free or can I get paid for the app. How far can each gps location point be in meters or feet between two as in can it distinguish between two stores, also what is the minimum distance radius of the geofencing. What is the submission and approval process and time to launch how long does that process take. How may apps are in the AR App store and what apps can access that. I know they said a million devices will be AR enabled by end of year. Thanks. 


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