Factory reset does not delete my presets

Factory reset does not delete my presets

SwedishChefSwedishChef Member Posts: 2

For testing during adapter coding for ioBroker, I need to delete all presets on my SoundTouch 300. But following the instructions here does NOT delete my presets, they are still set after re-configuration!

How to delete all my presets?


  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi SwedishChef,

    Currently there is no way to delete presets -- you can overwrite them, but not delete them. This is true both in our first-party app and in the API.

    Can you share more about the type of testing you are doing/why you need to delete presets? This could better inform any potential future improvements or perhaps help us figure out a workaround for you?

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    SwedishChefSwedishChef Member Posts: 2

    I received some bug report for my adapter code which crashes without any preset defined. Ok, my fault but usually easy to fix with following procedure:

    • prepare my environment to have the same setup (no preset defined)
    • reproduce the error
    • analyse and fix it
    • test it
    • deliver it
      Without the chance to delete my presets - for whatever reason this is intended??? - I have to guess the reason for the problem, change my code an deliver untested. Very bad development style. ;-(

    What I really don't understand is the fact that 'factory reset' does NOT do its job. Usually any device should have the option to reset (delete all configuration and set to default). Is there any reason for not proceeding so for Bose SoundTouch devices?

  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi SwedishChef,

    The reason presets do not erase after factory reset is that presets are actually not tied to individual hardware, they are tied to a user's SoundTouch account (information stored on Bose servers), so that all products on an account have the same presets. So, when a new product is added to an existing account, it takes on that account's presets. Factory reset does bring a product back to setup mode where it can then be easily added to a different account, but if it deleted presets, it would delete presets on all products a user owns, which would not be good.

    With that said, a potential workaround for your testing use case could be to create a new, additional SoundTouch account (which will initially have no presets), add the product to that account, and just not set any presets to that account. Could that help you troubleshoot the issue?

    For what it's worth, we don't have anything against deleting presets -- it's just not a typical use case, so we never built out the interfaces to do so. We could in the future, though that would work compete against other improvements in terms of priority. Your feedback here is definitely helpful for us to understand all the different potential use cases out there, so thanks for sharing it!

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