spatizialized audio

spatizialized audio

scoot89scoot89 Member Posts: 2
I'm trying to spatialize some audio objects so the BOSE frames can be used to direct ourselves more towards sounds placed in 3d space. Yet the sound is always played as a stereo setup.
I'm placing 2 objects with audio sources attached opposite of each other, with my camera in the middle (with the rotation matcher attached).
Spatial blend is all the way 3D, spread is at 20 (tried different values as well). Is there any other step one should take to have directional audio with the frames?


  • scoot89scoot89 Member Posts: 2
    additional information, when rotating the glasses, the impression is more of a filter being applied on the stereo sound, yet when you'd expect one half the stereo signal to be louder than the other, both halfs are equal. E.g when 2 sound are positioned opposite of each other, I'd expect to hear one louder in the left half, the other in the right half when standing in between them and not looking at one of them. What I do experience is if I rotate my head in direction of one of them, it's more like a low pass filter being applied to the other and more high frequencies to the direction I'm listening...
  • Filip@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 43
    Hey @scoot89, this is an excellent question and well observed on your part. I'd like to make a few points first:
    • Bose frames are open ear, so spatial audio effects will be less noticeable than on our headphones
    • Detecting sounds in-front or behind is hard for humans to detect even with their own ears
    I would recommend you try the Advanced demo in Unity and see if that experience sounds any better for you.
    There are some libraries/plugins out there most likely that will help you put effects and filters on audio, or aid in more advanced spatial audio > stereo simulation.

    One of the things I suggest to developers is to train the user what is "behind" and what is "front", for example you can put a slight muffle or low pass filter on all sounds behind the user.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that this is not specifically a Bose AR Unity SDK issue, but actually the way Unity handles audio.

    Hope this helps!
    Keep us posted on your progress,
  • prehensileprehensile Member Posts: 11
    We're using Resonance Audio for spatial sound, with some success:

    The main thing to remember after adding the Unity package to your project is that you need to set the Spatializer plugin in Edit > Project Settings > Audio

  • Filip@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 43
    Nice tip @prehensile, Resonance audio does in fact work pretty well with the Bose AR SDK.  

    Also on the point of a low pass filter @scoot89 , did you try playing with the Doppler settings in your AudioSource?
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