Unity Breaks every time I unplug the USB cable

Unity Breaks every time I unplug the USB cable

ShengzhiShengzhi Member Posts: 1
Hi folks,

Does anyone have issues using Unity 2019.1.11f1 to run Bose AR SDK through USB debug, and it only connects to Bose the first time, and Unity quits every time I unplug the USB cable. 

It's frustrating to develop. Please share your solutions if you have one.

Thank you,


  • daniel@bose[email protected] Member Posts: 41
     Thanks for your thoughtful post,  yes I can confirm this issue cropped up in the latest Unity 4.0 release.   Our team is working on a solution.

    Some developers have noted workarounds, essentially between each time you hit play you should disconnect and reconnect the cable.   Again this issue is being efforted to be resolved shortly.   Look for an updated minor release soon. 

    Thanks for your post.

    @[email protected]

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    psychosyspsychosys Member Posts: 7
    Not sure if same issue. But if I'm in Play-Mode, I found that I can unplug the USB as long as Unity Play-mode is paused.
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    Filip@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 43
    @psychosys that's a nice work around  :)
    Have you tried the 4.0.1 build yet? This issue should be resolved, let us know if you still run into issues.  
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