Providing Information on Planned Changes in Future Releases

Providing Information on Planned Changes in Future Releases

ekalipi1ekalipi1 Member Posts: 26

Maybe it is being announced somewhere but is it possible to give developers a heads up on what changes to expect in upcoming releases? If it is please let me know.

We spent a lot of time developing gesture recognition code with SDK 3 only to realize that a lot of what we coded was incorporated in the subsequent SDK 4. Knowing what changes are being included in a future release would have saved us a lot of grief and pain.

- Kishor Bapat


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    Nadine@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 111
    Hi @ekalipi1 ,Thanks so much for that feedback. Our goal is to not have this happen.  We are working hard on giving developers updates as fast as possible so the situation that happened to you doesn't happen again.  For now, the most updated information,  you can check out our blog:  We are taking this feedback wholeheartedly and will do our best to keep developers in the loop.

    Thanks again for your suggestion.

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