Some issues...

Some issues...

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markmcgmarkmcg Member Posts: 5
I'm working with both the NC700 headphones as well as Frames (all with up-to-date firmwares), and I've ran into/continue to have a few issues:
  • Connecting is still problematic. With the latest Unity SDK I can't get the devices to be discovered very often at all without following an odd procedure. I've rolled back the bosewearable and blecore plugins to the last Android release versions, and I can get devices to be reliably discovered and connect to them - but only if i pair the device, go into the System bluetooth settings and manually disconnect the device, then open my app, connect to the device via the bose SDK, then switch back to the System bluetooth settings and manually reconnect the bluetooth/audio - at that point it's all functioning correctly, but it's quite an annoyance! This is all testing on Unity 2019.1.x with a Samsung S7.
  • If i don't follow that weird procedure, either a) the device won't be discovered more often than not b) if it is discovered it won't connect c) if it does connect, especially with the NC700, the latency of the tracking goes through the roof (1sec+).
  • There appears to be a difference in sampling rate and/or latency between the NC700 and the frames - with just the six DoF sensing enabled with a 20ms update interval, the frame orientation tracking is smooth/low latency, whereas the NC700 is a bit laggier (maybe by a few 100ms), and looks like it's at a lower sample rate (half?). 

Any ideas on the differences between the NC700 and the frames? And what Android devices/versions are your team using for testing?


  • markmcgmarkmcg Member Posts: 5
    Oh and the WearableBluetoothProvder_Android class leads to a console log of spam unless you change the <byte> return type of the invoked native calls to <sbyte>.

    Which leads me to my next question - anywhere to log issues/bugs directly?
  • Filip@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 43
    Hey @markmcg! Thank you for you your question, this is a very good observation. We are aware of the connectivity issues with the NC-700.

    Your report has been logged, and we are working on a fix to this issue.

    Please feel free to post your findings on this forum freely, our staff is actively monitoring posts and pitching in support.

    Could you confirm that you are having the connectivity issue with frames as well, or only the NC-700?
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