No audio via usb provider in skd 4.0?

No audio via usb provider in skd 4.0?

VeaArthurVeaArthur Member Posts: 5
I am having a problem getting audio to play through the frames in the Unity editor. I am using root scene from the demo and have included the required scenes in my build settings. The app plays fine but audio will only come from other sources not the frames. Anyone else experience this?


  • daniel@bose[email protected] Member Posts: 41
    @VeaArthur  Thanks for your question.

    The USB provider is designed to pass both data and audio from the Frames to the Unity Editor, therefore the audio is piped through your computer running Unity.   Generally, the audio can be heard on the computer's speakers, which you can re-route to your headphones or another Bluetooth device.    

    1> Disconnect Frames from all of your mobile Bluetooth devices.
    2> Pair Frames to your computer or Laptop running Unity via Bluetooth.  Verify you hear audio.
    3> Launch your project connect your Frames via the USB cable and USB provider.
    4> Click the play button,  the device data and audio are piped to the computer, and verify your audio levels are up and the audio is set to go to the Frames via Bluetooth.

    Note: I suggested disconnecting from all mobile bluetooth devices as you can only be paired to one device at a time.

    Hopefully that should all work for you.  Happy Coding.

    @[email protected]

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