Where did Gyroscope.Stop() go?

Where did Gyroscope.Stop() go?

psychosyspsychosys Member Posts: 7
The new SDK 4.0.0 seems to have gotten rid of Stop() and Start() for Gyroscope and RotationSensor (which was also replaced by RotationSensorNineDof, and RotationSensorSixDof now).

How do I disable/enable sensors to preserve battery life from a game script with SDK 4.0.0?


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    Filip@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 43
    You would want to take a look at the WearableRequirement script, use it to turn on/off sensors.
    Let me know if you still run into any issues,
  • clubfrillsclubfrills Member Posts: 5
    Similar question: The Wearable Connection UI Prefab no longer exists. This was nice to plop into a session to get all the Bose connection prompts going.

    How do I set up a connection Ui in 4.0? Is it through scripts only now?
  • clubfrillsclubfrills Member Posts: 5
    Oop, I found it in the connection folder that was moved around. 
  • Filip@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 43
    Glad you found it @clubfrills  :smile:
    @psychosys Check out this documentation if you need more information:
  • psychosyspsychosys Member Posts: 7
    @[email protected] I took a look at the script and found the methods that replace Start() and Stop(). I put the WearableRequirement script on a centralized game object that already has the WearableControl component. Is that how it was meant to be used? Thanks in advance.
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    Filip@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 43
    Yes, you can use it that way. Just keep in mind every time you use RotationMatcher it will auto-generate it's own WearableRequirement script and enable Gyro, so just make sure you're not instantiating any new WearableRequirement scripts.
    Let us know if you get it working,
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