Audio output via USBProvider

Audio output via USBProvider

evolvingtechevolvingtech Member Posts: 2
I am working with the Bose Frames using the 0.13.0 SDK on Windows 10 and testing my Apps with the Unity Editor (Unity 2019.1) directly connecting to the Frames with USB Provider. Most everything works the way it should; collecting data, detecting gestures, and so forth. When it comes to the audio output (such as playing audio clips) I can only get the sound to come out through the CPU's speakers and not piped in through the Bose Frames. Setting the Speakers in the Windows toolbar to Bose Frames does nothing.

What do I need to do to have the audio clips play in the Frames when in Editor mode?


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    ATMEthanATMEthan Member Posts: 8
    @evolvingtech check out the graph at the bottom of this page: specifically the asterisk piece of USB Provider and Unity Editor: "1 When supported by the connected Bose AR device." I personally don't have a problem and the audio is piped into my Bose Frames without doing anything besides plugging them in. Are the Bose Frames you are using compatible? 
  • evolvingtechevolvingtech Member Posts: 2
    Thanks ATMEthan.

    Yes. It's compatible. There was a setting I needed to change and it's working now.

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