April 2019 NYC Competition: Run!

April 2019 NYC Competition: Run!

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mw2581mw2581 Member Posts: 1

The Concept

Our vision for Run! is a story-based multiplayer fitness game that gamifies the running experience to transform exercise into something to look forward to. A narrative of a zombie invasion unfolds as non-playable characters guide you through your running journey. Activate friend mode to enter a game of group zombie tag that ends either when you work together to acquire the antidote, or everyone gets infected. As they say – the more the merzzzzzzzzombier. Now, Run!

Our Prototype

A proof-of-concept where running (mapped to the accelerometer, for now) is visually indicated by our runner and zombie avatars. Our immediate next step is to include augmented zombie audio with stylized runner and zombie models! In future iterations, we hope to integrate storytelling, spatial audio, geolocation and other realtime data to bring more depth to the experience.

The Team

The Run! Team met at the first Bose Workshop in NYC and planted the seed for this submission during a creative brainstorming session. As a group, we thought our idea had <legs> and that’s why we’re working together to see where it will take us.

Angela Fan | Concept, Sound Design, Visuals

Alvin Kuruvilla | Concept, Development

Marjorie Wang | Concept, 3d Models, Development


  • Nadine@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 111

    Thank you for the submission!

    We were not able to run the project successfully.  Below shows what happened when we ran the APK file.  The application kept searching for devices, but not devices showed up. We tried with multiple Bose AR devices. IF you can make a quick fix and send us a new APK, we can definitely consider the project :) . Please make sure your Unity editor is the stable version and SDK is the latest version.  If you have any questions, please ask here :) .  We will give you some time to make the fix, so we can consider the project. 


  • afantasyafantasy Member Posts: 2
    Hi Nadine! Oh no, please hold while we try to correct the issue. It seems to be working on our end, and Alwin was even demoing the build to others this this weekend!
  • Nadine@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 111
    What Android version is Alwin's phone?   Michael's phone was 9.0.
  • afantasyafantasy Member Posts: 2
    Alwin has a Pixel 1, not sure what version of Android.

    I was able to run the APK on another Pixel 1, Android 9.0. If you're not able to get it running on a device today, we'll try another build from a different machine this evening. Thanks for waiting for us!
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