Where can I find north calibration related code and prefab in Unity?

Where can I find north calibration related code and prefab in Unity?

bigmousebigmouse Member Posts: 6
The guild line mentioned this page:

Where can I find these assets for Unity?


  • bigmousebigmouse Member Posts: 6
    Up, if there is no such an asset, what will be the timeline for providing it?
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    think an example of this can be found at the beginning of the "Advanced Demo." The demo goes through calibrating before the Icosphere is shown. Examples come with the unity package from the download page.
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    The calibration of Advanced Demo seems only to calibrate the gyroscope through an initial rotation quaternion. However, I would like to do a true north calibration for magnetometer. (exactly like the calibration of NaviGuide iOS App)
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    Hey @bigmouse,
    The link you provided is basically a graphical tutorial for moving your phone physically to reset calibration. From what I know there is no coding way to calibrate true north, you have to make sure your actual device is calibrated to true north. Is your unity application true north different from another application on your phone that is showing true north?
    Let me know if you are still having issues finding true north, we can try to help.

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    Hi folks - Just to add to what's been said here: the magnetometer on Bose AR devices can, after the calibration period you described (waving it around in figure 8s until it reaches 1.91 degrees of accuracy, after which it will "snap" to the correct direction),  only ever give you *magnetic* north. To get "true" north you must account for Magnetic Declination in code. This is how NaviGuide did it to get their directional heading. There is no asset for this, but there is a lot of open source code you could pull from online if you do a search about it. cc @[email protected] @bigmouse @ATMEthan

    Here's a pretty comprehensive document on the topic of Magnetic Declination that a colleague of our put together in the developer docs:


    Also, here is a helpful document explaining how Magnetic Interference might affect your sensor data:


    Finally, a helpful doc on calibration: 


    Hope this helps!

    Michael @ Bose
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