Frames working on the Unity Editor but not on the iOS app

Frames working on the Unity Editor but not on the iOS app

BauerBauer Member Posts: 8
unity 2018.2
iOS 12.2
Xcode 10.2.1

Hi !
I am building a project using Mapbox SDK (2.0.0), google resonance audio, and Bose Frames SDK.
I have some annoying bugs now because I can detect the rotation of the Frames in the unity editor (through USB). Yet, when I build the app on iOS the rotation from the glasses are not detected anymore (I can just hear the sound through the glasses).
Any ideas where it could come from ?

I checked the requirements mentioned in the pdf, and ticked "Uses Bluetooth LE accessories" but it does not help.

Any help would be very very appreciated !
Thank you very much 



  • Michael@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 66
    Hi @Bauer

    You need add the WearableConnectUIPanel script (Bose -> Wearable -> Connection -> Scripts -> Connection) to the root of your scene, attach the Event System script and click "Add Default Input Modules."

    The WearableConnectUIPanel presents the user with a connection UI that initiates the application-specific data connection to the Bose AR device. This allows the application to read and interpret sensor data from the Bose AR device.

    Keep in mind, when using a Bose AR mobile application, you must also pair the Bose AR device like a normal bluetooth device to the mobile device - since you are receiving audio I suspect you have it connected like a normal "dumb" (see: lacks Bose AR sensors) bluetooth peripheral.

    However, since you are not receiving sensor data via the application I suspect you have either not added the WearableConnectUIPanel or misconfigured it in some way, such that you have not initiated that data connection. 

    If this is not your issue, please let me know and I'll probably be asking for some more specific details.


    Michael @ Bose
  • Michael@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 66
    Also @bauer - please be aware it is not called the "Bose Frames SDK" but the "Bose AR SDK" and your naming convention makes me think you might also be using an older version of the SDK? Obviously, please ensure you're using the latest SDK version and have your Bose AR device's (QC 35 IIs or Frames, currently supported) firmware on the latest version as well.
  • BauerBauer Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for detailed explanation.
    It came from the WearableConnectUIPanel script indeed and the firmware that was not up to date thanks ! I just have to fix some head tracker latency (if possible) now and all will be perfect. Indeed, when I turn my head quick, I can hear that the sound is not tracked instantly. Would you also have a solution to deal with it ?
    Thanks so much :)
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    BauerBauer Member Posts: 8
    To precise the problem : 
    I have no latency with on the unity editor, but experience latency with the headtracker on the phone.
    I use the Gyroscope and the Rotation from Wearable Requirements.
    Many thanks

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