Problem with connecting Direwolf headphones in Unity

Problem with connecting Direwolf headphones in Unity

MartaGMartaG Member Posts: 1
We have a problem with connecting headphones (Direwolf) which support playback over USB with Unity. When setting up the connection in Unity, the process freezes on connecting.  The UI prefab for connecting to the hardware shows "Device Failed to Connect" and then errors are shown in the console (among others "Error from HIDAPI"). Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.


  • Michael@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 66
    Hi @MartaG - I have a few follow up questions and comments for you:

    1. What version of the Unity Editor are you using? Please make sure it's a supported version, which would be 2017.4 or later. The team is currently testing against the newest release from a couple of days ago, 2019.1, so if this is an issue with that version, it would be helpful for us to know!

    2. When you say "UI prefab" it seems you are talking about the WearableConnectUIPanel, but that is NOT what is used to enable you to connect Direwolves via USB in Unity. However, you do still need the WearableConnectUIPanel to be in your project so that the app can simulate initiating the bluetooth data connection via USB when connected.

    But to use the USB Provider function with a connected Bose AR device, you will ALSO need to add the WearableControl script (you can just create an empty GameObject and add it as a Component).

    Once added, you will need to change the Editor Default Provider to USB Provider.

    Then, if you've done everything correctly, you should be able to press play in the editor, with the Bose AR device connected to the computer via USB (And on, obviously) and have it read the sensor data from the device.

    3. HOWEVER - There is an issue playing back audio with Direwolves (QuietComfort 35 IIs that have Bose AR sensors in them for those who don't know) when connected using the USB Provider function. It will still read data and react as normal, as will the Bose Frames devices, but unlike Frames it will not play back audio from the Direwolves. This issue may or may not be fixable in future versions, but for now I wouldn't count on it.

    4. Any other details you can provide about your development environment beyond Unity version would also be helpful. For example: what version of the Bose AR SDK for Unity are you using (make sure it's the latest), what OS are you using Unity on etc. Screenshots would also be useful. 

    Hope some of this is helpful!


    Michael @ Bose

  • christywchristyw Member Posts: 1
    Hi @[email protected]

    I am Marta's teammate on this project. We are using 2018.3.10f1 so the version should not be a problem, and to provide a bit more information, we do already have the Wearable Control script included in the project and set to USB provider, and the problem Marta described arises. While trying to connect with the Unity Editor, it fails and logs in the console the following statements:

    "Error from HIDAPI"

    "A device attached to the system is not functioning"

    "Closed USB session with unprocessed commands"

    Any thoughts about this?

    In regards to (3), while attempting to connect the headphones, I was still able to receive audio in the headphones because of the Direwolf's audio jack connected to the computer. Will the issue you mentioned involving audio over USB affect this for any reason when headphone connection succeeds? 

    Thank you so much!

  • Michael@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 66
    Hi @christyw ok I think this gets us (you and I) a little closer to figuring this out. Thank you for the details!

    Let me start with your last comment: I actually have never tried to use the USB Provider with Direwolves while physically plugging the device into the computer via aux cable. 

    This could, possibly, be what is causing your issue. When Direwolves detect a device is plugged in, it disconnects and possibly disables bluetooth, so that the plugged in connection is always instantly switched to, regardless of if the device is connected to another by bluetooth.

    Can you try NOT plugging it into the audio jack and see if the issue comes up?

    Also please ensure that the device is NOT connected via bluetooth to the computer or any other device while it is plugged in via USB (it should turn that functionality off by default when connected via USB, but just to be sure),.

    A few more questions:

    1. What version of the Bose AR SDK for Unity are you using? If it's an older version, there was one build that we no longer list that had an issue with I believe the exact version of Unity you are using - so please make sure you are using the latest build, which is 0.13.0 at the time I'm writing this.

    2. What is the OS of your computer - is it Mac or Windows? Linux using Wine (unlikely, and unsupported)?

    3. Can you send please send a screenshot of the log error, if you're able to reproduce under the conditions I'm suggesting above?

    To answer your question about audio with Direwolves using the USB provider to test: even if you have it plugged into the audio jack of your computer, and even if that isn't causing the issue you are experiencing, it is unlikely that Bose AR-powered spatial audio will be able to be played back through the Direwolves, but I will double check that also.

    Regardless it may be a moot point if connecting both the USB cable and a aux cable to the QC 35 IIs is causing your issue with Unity.

    Please let me know!

    Michael @ Bose 
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