Searching for devices, and the headset doesn't appear

Searching for devices, and the headset doesn't appear

axel3dsoundaxel3dsound Member Posts: 4
Hi all

Sorry for the, maybe, stupid question, but I am trying to connect to an apk I made for a Samsung S7 using the QC 35 II. 

Open the BasicDemo (or even the AdvancedDemo) scene, build the apk from tools - Bose - build wearable demo. copy to the device, install it, and the headset doesn't appear at all. I tried unpairing it, pairing it, no clue what I am doing wrong. Unity doesn't flag any issue.

As my S7 runs on 6.0.0, I have set up the API minimum level to 5.0/21 and target API level 6.0/23.

Anything else I should check?

Looking forward to making some great stuff with these tools!



  • Michael@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 66
    Hi @axel3dsound - not a stupid question at all! We are aware of an issue affecting those using Unity versions 2018.x to deploy to Android in which the app will successfully deploy, but upon open the Connection UI will show but never discover or connect to a Bose AR device. For now, until a fix is issued (which should be soon), we recommend using versions of Unity that are 2017.4 or later, but before 2018.x version. 

    I hope this information helps! If you have further questions, please use this thread to reply, where we have answered this question for a few others:

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