Searching for devices, Bose Frame could not be found in application

Searching for devices, Bose Frame could not be found in application

marcojanmaatmarcojanmaat Member Posts: 3

I've have created an application specifically for the Bose Frame. I started off with the Demo Build and a scene I created myself with the WearableConnectUIPanel object added to see if the Frame can be found. The runtime default provider is set to Wearable Device. Both in my scene and the demo the Frame device could not be found. I tried writing code to handle the connectivity to a device but this results in the same problem. In both cases with the editor provider set to USB provider it works perfectly.
Logging shows that it continues polling for devices but always shows up zero available devices. Setting the runtime provider to mobile provider however works without further issues.

I'm building the project with the recommended API level of 21 (Android 5.0) and have tried higher packages to no avail. The Frame itself has the latest firmware installed as of today (2.3.1). I've tested on both a Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7, with and without the Bose connect app as a bridge.

I'm not sure what the problem or missing thing is. Would love to hear some feedback on this mather.

Thank you.

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  • axel3dsoundaxel3dsound Member Posts: 4
    Sounds like we have the same issue! :)
  • Michael@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 66
    Hi @marcojanmaat & @axel3dsound - when deploying as a mobile applicaiton, to either Android or iOS, please make sure your Bose AR device is only connected via bluetooth to the device you will be testing the Bose AR enabled mobile application on.

    After that, make sure that you have the connection UI included within the application. Bose AR requires 1. a bluetooth connection to the device, as with any normal bluetooth headset and ALSO 2. an additional connection via the Connection UI from within the Application to also connect via bluetooth to the data stream.

    If using the connection UI in the app doesn't allow it to seemingly discover your Bose AR device, try moving the Bose AR device as close to the mobile devicec as possible - the Bose AR Connection UI uses proximity to try to identify the likely Bose AR devices you will want to pair. The team is always looking at ways to improve this process, but that's it for now.

    Else, I would recommend checking out this guide if you haven't already:

    If, after trying those steps, you're still having trouble, please ping this thread letting me know and I'll try to reproduce on my end. 


    (PS You don't need to use the Bose Connect app for any reason - in fact, try without opening the Bose Connect app, as having that running could potentially cause issues connecting to the Bose AR enabled app) 

  • marcojanmaatmarcojanmaat Member Posts: 3
    Hello @[email protected] , thank you for your response. I have followed your steps and attempted to reconnect again with the provided Bose AR demo and my own scene. For purpose of testing I created a clean project with an empty scene with just the connectivity essentials but to no avail.
    I've kept the Frame well over 10 minutes on top of the device with no result. 

    Something I did notice during connecting with the mobile phone is that the name changes as soon as the Frame is connected through bluetooth from LE Frame to simple Frame. Does this imply it switches from low energy bluetooth to other? Just extra information.

    Can I provide you with additional information to see if there is something I'm missing? 


  • marcojanmaatmarcojanmaat Member Posts: 3
    It works like a charm! Kind of a bum it didn't occur to me to try the exact version mentioned in the documentation, but nontheless. It works. Thank you for the assistance. 
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