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Dotty has just started developing on your Frames AR glasses. Any info on the codecs supported for low latency in the hardware? AAC for IOS? AptX for Android? 

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    Hi WesMC,

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post.

    The Bose Frames and QC35 II Headphones (that are Bose AR-enabled) support AAC on iOS and SBC on iOS and Android. We do not currently support any low latency codec like Aptx.

    Thank you for your question.

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    Hi Julio, thanks for the response. 

    Frames are one of the first true mixed sound reality devices which is great. Low latency is something that’s important for the brain to connect a visual experience like a smartphone to the mixed audio of the Frames. The 500ms latency in the above codecs severely breaks the true mixed reality experience. 

    Further use case we are trying to deliver is for hearing impaired people. We can build the microphone with low latency hardware and codec but need it matched on device. This is an excellent mixed sound reality use case.

    Anyway sharing some Use Cases in hope a low latency solution might be added in next revisions. Thanks! 

    CEO DottyAR

  • WesMcWesMc Member Posts: 5
    Yep fair enough. Always happy to have a call and discuss other verticals besides this one.
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