Accessing the Frames in the Browser with JavaScript

Accessing the Frames in the Browser with JavaScript

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ZakatonZakaton Member Posts: 40
I've been able to access the Frames in the Browser via Web Bluetooth, allowing me to easily make web pages and web extensions.

Here's some simple demos I've made so far (Click to see a YouTube video of the demo in action):
What would you like to see next?


  • Nadine@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 111
    Hi @Zakaton ,

    That's awesome. I'm in meetings all this week. I will check out all your demos Thursday morning. I'll reach out afterwards. 


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    yosunyosun Member Posts: 29
    Looks interesting - have you tested for the type of screens this works best with? I get headaches wearing sunglasses looking at my screen and usually it's too dark
  • yosunyosun Member Posts: 29
    Also - i notice that this isn't iOS specific - perhaps post it to the Showcase? It would be neat to see the stuff other people have built using Bose AR  - makes me feel better like I'm not the only person building stuff! 
  • ZakatonZakaton Member Posts: 40
    Thanks for the feedback @yosun!

    I made a post on the Showcase - let's hope they "approve" my post.
  • ZakatonZakaton Member Posts: 40
    I posted on the Developer Showcase over a week ago and they still haven't approved it, so I guess this forum isn't the best place to show my work...
  • Julio@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 33
    Hi Zakaton,

    Thank you for being part of the community. Your post went to our spam folder and I have taken it out. You should be able to see it up now.

    Thank you for posting!

    [email protected]
  • utopiahutopiah Member Posts: 1
    So useful! I managed to get my own content on the Frames in just minutes thanks for your web SDK!

    Here is a simple example done in my office!/bose-frames?path=ep.html:1:0 where as you turn you get specific sounds playing. Could be used for outdoor visits in front of large buildings. Here is also a short video showcasing it 
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