Potential Partnerships and Proof of Concept Exploration

Potential Partnerships and Proof of Concept Exploration

BrooksCBrooksC Member Posts: 1

Hello all,

I'm currently working on the innovation team for PepsiCo and we're very interested in getting in touch with some of the folks here at Bose AR.
Some of the potential use cases we have been thinking on since finding out about the Bose AR Glasses:

  1. Training - Folks at production lines or wherever expensive machinery requires preventive and/or corrective maintenance. The AR glasses recognize the specific piece of machinery and start guiding the user on what steps to execute
  2. Planogram compliance - With the AR glasses, the user identifies the specific shelve. The device proceeds to narrate what steps need to be taken to bring the POG to compliance
  3. Certified Master Audits (CMA) – The user enters a customer site; while walking the floor, the AR glasses recognize specific areas of the floor and it narrates the CMA terms to determine compliance or out of compliance

While I'm sure you are all still in the midst of development, it would be great if our teams could get in touch and further discuss the technology, learn more about the glasses and what is possible with them, and potentially form a partnership between our two teams.

I've linked my email to this forum profile, as well as entered it on the main contact page so that we can get in touch.

Thanks for your time,
-Brooks Conner


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    bfagan18bfagan18 Member Posts: 1

    Hi Brooks,

    Our media company is currently developing AR for similar uses. I'm very intrigued by your ideas to use AR for training material. We've produced some prototype AR experiences for PepsiCo tradeshows. It'd be great to connect and see if there's a partnership opportunity because we plan to leverage Bose AR Glasses as well.

    Thank you

    [email protected]

  • JbutoracJbutorac Member Posts: 1
    Hey Brooks...I am looking to do something like your audit idea in some of our larger warehouses to identify stock inventory on the warehouse floor based on your location and what you are looking at.  I work for Cargill in Minneapolis.  Would be good to talk and share ideas.  Hoping Bose can replace the sunglasses lenses with safety or clear class soon though as the dark shades aren’t optimal indoors.
  • Nadine@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 111
    Hey All,

    Thanks for the inquiry. We plan on continuing improvement on the Bose Frames and the SDKs. We appreciate the feedback.

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