Frames - expedited shipping

Frames - expedited shipping

yosunyosun Member Posts: 29
Hi! I'm excited about the SXSW contest and actually just found out about it last night from some Bose architects.

I put an order in for Frames last night. Shipping info is still not available. Is there a way to expedite the order for the contest? WH06458426

( I also found out there is a Bose store .3 miles away from me. Is there a way to change that to in-store pickup? )


  • Julio@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 33
    Hi Yosun! I looked up your order and was able to see that they have shipped and you should have received a tracking #. If you haven't received the tracking #, please let me know and I can message it to you.

    [email protected]
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    yosunyosun Member Posts: 29
    Just got them yesterday! Quick question on the SXSW deadline - had set it as Feb 14 in my calendar but just noticed it is Feb 14 midnight - does that mean Feb 13 the minute after 11:59pm or 11:59pm on Feb 14? Helps if it's 11:59pm Feb 14 as I just got the device yesterday...
  • yosunyosun Member Posts: 29
    Okay submitted a last minute entry assuming the midnight deadline a few minutes ago - still a few loose ends
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