(ALPHA) JavaScript SDK Now Available!

(ALPHA) JavaScript SDK Now Available!

ZakatonZakaton Member Posts: 40
Web Developers can now access the Bose Frames in the browser directly!

Here's a link to the GitHub - it's pretty ugly at the moment, but it "works" for now.

Since Android supports Web Bluetooth in the browser, this can act as a fake Android SDK by making web apps (iOS doesn't support Web Bluetooth as of today)

There's a lot of changes I need to make - specifically replacing my 3D-related classes (Vector, Quaternion, etc) with THREE.js equivalents for better compatibility with WebXR API's such as the Resonance Audio API.

You also may need to change some flags in the Chrome Browser to enable Web Bluetooth (you can just paste "chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features" in the chrome URL and check "Experimental Web Platform features").

As for iOS devices, the browser doesn't support Web Bluetooth, but you can download an app that emulates the ability to connect to bluetooth devices.

Contact me if you'd like to help me improve the SDK!


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