Soundtouch Url sheme

Soundtouch Url sheme

benparkbenpark Member Posts: 6
Hello everybody. Does anyone knows the Url sheme for Soundtouch application ? Thanks

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  • benparkbenpark Member Posts: 6
    Hello Zach thanks for your answer. My goal is just to integrate or link Soundtouch with my Crestron program. I found a Crestron module but it doesn"t work very well (february 2016). What do you suggest in my case ?
  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169
    Hi @benpark

    Sorry for the issue you're having with Crestron! A more updated version of that Crestron module does exist, but I do see that for some reason it is not updated in the Crestron Marketplace. I'm going to look into that, but you also should be able to download the driver here:

    If you do wish to continue developing your own module and including a link to the SoundTouch app, I realize that I had forgotten there is a basic option to just open our app, which is described here: However, as I mentioned previously, there is no schema for opening to specific places within the app. 

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions.
  • benparkbenpark Member Posts: 6
    Super ! Thanks a lot for these good news ! :) I will try quickly
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