Bose Connect API?

Bose Connect API?

fivemarcusfivemarcus Member Posts: 1

Are APIs available for Bose Connect?
I'd like to develop an app that can interact with the Bose Quiet Confrort headphones.

Thank you


  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi fivemarcus,

    At this time, we do not have any APIs available for Bose Connect or our current QuietComfort/SoundLink products, unfortunately. I would recommend you sign up to stay up to date on the latest for Bose AR, though!

  • AyatsuriAyatsuri Member Posts: 1
    So if you want to get rid of all the annoying stuff (such as the prolonged announcements about batterytimes and connections whenever you start them up or change connectionsettings) in the QC35II and add in controls and functionality that's actually useful you basically have to train your google home/amazon alexa to actually understand you and do what you want? (which of course doesn't solve the problem of wanting to do it discretely  in public spaces)

    Is there any other way to gain access to this pricey products functionality?

    I would love to be able to turn on the microphone to take in surrounding speach and still use the noise reduction (in the same manner as military headsets often do). 

    I would also love to able to reprogram what multiple pushes and timed pushes on certain buttons do.

    We have 5 buttons, the possibilities should be endless; yet we only have two setup options and who really has any patience to train their voice recognition assistants?
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