Remote acces to API

Remote acces to API

fyapobifyapobi Member Posts: 1

Despite what seems to be adequate port forwarding, all my GET requests do not return an answer when fired from outside the LAN.
Is this by design? if yes, does a workaround exist? Why blocking so many interesting use cases?



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    Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi fyapobi,

    Yes, this is by design for security purposes. Unfortunately, there is no direct workaround. We definitely understand the huge amount of use cases a remotely-accessible API can provide, and are factoring that into future API planning, but in the meantime this cannot be achieved through port-forwarding.

    One potential option to enable some of these use cases would be to build out a client on your LAN that more securely talks to a remote server. As a conceptual example, you can check out what I did to hack together a SoundTouch Alexa skill a couple years ago before our official one was live: It's not a scalable or performant solution, but the Local and Remote server concept there uses polling of the cloud from the LAN to retrieve requests which are then executed directly on the LAN.

    Let me know if you have any further questions on this topic!


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    tm9tm9 Member Posts: 1


    the soundtouch 20 igrnoes any packets which are from outside the network.
    The soundtouch 10 accepts every tcp packet from everywhere.
    So really security?


  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi timo,

    Can you confirm your SoundTouch 10 is on firmware version 19.0.5 or later? That was the version where we implemented this security mechanism. Can you also provide information about the steps you took where you observed your SoundTouch 10 accepting all packets regardless of where they were sent from?

  • MgennaMgenna Member Posts: 1
    Hi ,
    I would like to swich-on a Sondtouch device from remote (outside my LAN using static PAT) but it's blocked for security purposes.
    In alternative, I would like to use a IP device on the LAN able to sent ONLY an HTTP request.

    Is it possible with a single HTTP request to Switch on a Sondtouch device with preset=6 and Volume=100 ? 

    Can someone help me to define such HTTP string?

     (I would like to simulate a barking dog triggering it from outside or after an ipcamera movement detection)

    Thanks in advance
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    JustAnotherUserJustAnotherUser Member Posts: 17
    Forward external (when away from home) requests to an internal web server (inside LAN) with a php page would do it.
    Calling the PHP page would then set the volume and select a preset. Not the most elegant but see below.

    shell_exec('curl --data \'<volume>100</volume>\''); #SET VOLUME
    shell_exec('curl --data \'<key state=\'release\' sender=\'Gabbo\'>PRESET_6</key>\'"; #SELECT

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