"Reference Test"/Test Devices

"Reference Test"/Test Devices

geri-mgeri-m Member Posts: 9

Hi Forum,

is there a set of references Tests that each developer can/should run thru with his/her app? Is there a possibility to test the app with more/difference Bose devices?

I only have a ST20, but I'd like to see how other Bose Products behave.

Cheers, Gerald


  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi Gerald,

    Unfortunately, we don't currently have a program for directly providing hardware support for expanded testing. A SoundTouch 20 (Series III in particular) is a good device to test on as it has a wide range of capabilities (and the OLED screen is useful for testing I've often found!). If I were to recommend a "test suite", it would probably included a couple SoundTouch 10s to test Stereo Pair handling, as well as a device with multiple physical/wired sources (SA-5, Lifestyle 600/650) to test source handling. I definitely recognize though that this is not an inexpensive suite of products. Over time, we hope to be able to provide tools that enable more cost-effective test support of the whole product line, but I don't have anything to share at this time.


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