Google Home Integration for SoundTouch

Google Home Integration for SoundTouch

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I've been working on integrating Google Home with my SoundTouch speakers and I'm hoping to release a preview of it soon. So far, I've mainly been focused on the platform rather than the finer touches of natural conversation. I can send instructions to SoundTouch devices from Google Assistant via a service running in Azure as well as sync the status of all SoundTouch devices to Azure in real-time. At the moment this is done via a Windows application but the intention is to get this running on an IoT device.

The application logs into your SoundTouch account to grab all your speaker IP addresses, then opens up a websocket to each one and posts any SoundTouch device updates to the service. It then opens up a web socket to the service and sits waiting for instructions. No NATing or other router/firewall configuration is required (other than the Windows Firewall to let the app out to the Internet).

The cloud service integrates with Google Assistant and both relays instructions and answers questions about them based on the info it knows from the updates coming from the local app. All traffic is HTTPS and authentication with Google is done with OAUTH2 and OpenID connect.

I've just posted a video to YouTube but it's been blocked for copyright reasons, I'll take another and post a link once uploaded. It's not quite ready to ask the general Bose community to take a look yet due to me not having put much time into the Google Assistant area yet, but I'm starting on that this week. In the meantime though, I'm keen to get initial feedback from some suitably technical people who won't get too frustrated in helping me test it. I know computers can be frustrating at the best of times, but my short experience of giving them a voice makes it all the more painful when testing (even when you know why it's saying what it is!)

@Zach - at the moment I'm storing the SoundTouch username and password locally on the PC (encrypted) as I've not had chance to see if Bose offer OpenID connect. Are you able to offer any info here? (I assume you support it for integration with streaming music services, I just don't have the endpoint details or if Bose would allow me a client that can request refresh tokens).




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    Here's a quick demo:

    The delay in the play everywhere is because the first speaker in my SoundTouch account is an old LifeStyle 650 series II which it's using for the zone master - I haven't written the logic to pick the latest generation of device you own to be the master yet.

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    Hi @andylyonette,

    This is a really cool integration to see coming together! Regarding your query – we actually do not officially support third party applications directly requesting user credentials and logging into SoundTouch accounts directly at this time. As a result, Bose does not recommend pursuing this approach, as at a minimum, we can’t guarantee the APIs on the account side will remain consistent. My recommended approach at this time would be to have your PC application periodically discovering the speakers available on the network as described here, and using an account scheme unique to your app (which is aware of which PC instance(s) belong to it) to link up with the Google Assistant.

    I recognize that this may not be what you had in mind, and we are aware there is more for us to consider when it comes to integrations with cloud services. If you do proceed with your current approach, please keep do keep in mind that there are specific requirements in our License Agreement that apply (section 8.1 is one place in particular to review).


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    So all I have read is the Bose engineers don't have the ability to add Google Play Music so I just want to know who I talk to about returning my 5 speakers home sound system seeing its so low tech in a high tech world. Time for bose to get into 2018 component design and system integration. Analog is Dead.

    Here is my contact info David Rodger Call or Text 619 750-3355 [email protected]

  • SlothySlothy Member Posts: 1

    Hey Zach, since this isn't supported, how about some word on when Bose will join the modern era and integrate with Google Home and other services? I love my SoundTouch 30, but I've been holding off on getting more for the rest of my house because the software has been so clunky. It's clear that Bose is an audio company and not a software company, I get that. But it's getting to the point where instead of holding off and waiting for Bose to catch up, I'm going to have to jump brands and fill my house with other devices that don't sound as good, but function in a modern, connected ecosystem.

  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi Slothy,

    Thanks for reaching out. I can tell you that Bose will continue to work toward identifying opportunities to expand and improve the SoundTouch experience, and we definitely recognize the value a Google Assistant integration could bring to many of our customers. Unfortunately, I don't have any specific news I can share here today, but we will communicate any new features and functionality as information becomes available - is the place to follow along for any new announcements on that front!


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