Dev kit availability?

Dev kit availability?

brianrosebrianrose Member Posts: 1

Was told at SXSW that dev kits and SDK were coming this summer. I already signed up for more info on the devsite but was wondering if there are any updates on availability, or if there's another form I should use to express interest? Thank you.


  • Chuck@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 2

    Hi @brianrose. We are just weeks away from getting our first round of dev kits out. To get more details on selecting our next round, we are asking interested devs and teams to submit an update on their interest and some info to help us prioritize dev kits, which include devices. Please find that form here by clicking "Request Access".

  • abdul cabdul c Member Posts: 2

    Hi Chuck ,

    We are a reseller from bose in Belgium . We are using Crestron to control everything .
    It is now 2 years that i'am asking bose Benelux to con tol the lifetyle 65à via RS232 or ip .
    The things we need to to is
    select HDMI 1
    Hdmi 2
    HDMI 3
    HDMI 4
    HDMI 5
    volume up
    volume down

    Do you have a solution to do so ?


  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi abdul c,

    The SoundTouch Control API should be exactly what you you need - take a look! If you have any further questions about that API, please ask those over in the forum dedicated to that API. Thanks!

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