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tnovaktnovak Member Posts: 1

this device: SoundTouch 30 / softwareversion: epdbuild.rel_18.x.hepdswbld05.2018-02-16T11:31:46

lacks the muteenabled property in its response to GET /volume
from the api documentation it would seem that the property was always included, and would read false if mute was off, rather than not be present at all?


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    Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi tnovak,

    The muteenabled property should indeed be there regardless of the state, reading false when mute is off and true when it is on. I just tested /volume here on that same software build on a couple different systems and found it to be functioning as expected and documented. So, something weird might be up. Let me check with the team here to get their thoughts on how to best proceed with troubleshooting.

    In the meantime, is anyone else out there seeing this issue as well?

  • alanmichael1018alanmichael1018 Member Posts: 1

    Sorry for the out of place question. This is the closest forum-subject i could find. Looking for ways to control/adjust the noise cancellation level of Bose headphones from my Unity3D game App. Can Soundcontrol API be extended or used? Looking for guidance!

  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi alanmichael1018,

    Unfortunately, we don't yet have an API available to adjust noise cancellation (or any API for our Bluetooth headphones and speakers for that matter). Your use case sounds like a good one though; and something we'll definitely consider if we do expand to APIs for our Bluetooth-based products.

    Apologies that I don't have better news at this time!

  • vicentvicent Member Posts: 2

    Hi all,

    We are controlling a LifeStyle 650 through an external control system. Everything works fine, but we would like to be able to control also the mute of the sound. Is it posible to do so?


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