Descript continuation?

Descript continuation?

AdamSKAdamSK Member Posts: 1

Given the recent acquisition of Detour by Bose, will the Descript content creation tools be available through Bose or will there be any other content creation tools available?


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    IvanchoIvancho Member Posts: 1

    I think Bose AR will still using it and also could be another audio CMS's with new startups who wants to work Bose AR platform...

  • LauraKLauraK Member Posts: 1

    What's the best way to be in touch with Bose AR to talk potential projects?

  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi @AdamSK

    Descript actually wasn’t a part of the Detour acquisition – that tool continues on managed by a separate entity. You can get more information about Descript from their website, Detour’s other content creation tools separate from Descript were a part of the acquisition, and we’re planning to use those to accelerate the progress of developing the Bose AR SDK.

    Also, @LauraK, for now, the team is heads down working hard toward delivering the platform and SDK, so their ability to actively engage in potential project conversations right now is limited. I definitely recommend making sure you're subscribed to Bose Developer News emails to hear about opportunities in the future - you can do so either by checking the box when signing up for an account/on your profile page, or by entering your name and email on the Bose AR page.

  • CaWaCaWa Member Posts: 1

    Hej Guys,
    i´m a German student and really exited about your Bose AR. When do u relaunch?

    Go on and greetings

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