Zone Management

Zone Management

Groucho MarxGroucho Marx Member Posts: 8

Discussing Zones (new, add, remove, multiple zones)


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    Groucho MarxGroucho Marx Member Posts: 8

    The request body format looks the same, so I wonder what the difference is. Besides I tried the following steps

    • setZone (master M, slave S1)
    • setZone (master M, slave S2)
      and the result was: master M was happily adding S2 to its zone, now consisting of S1 and S2.
      Maybe addZoneSlave is outdated or I am missing something?
  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi Groucho,

    Turns out, you're totally right. You can just use /setZone to add to existing groups; technically, the master will then itself send an /addZoneSlave command to the intended new device to actually make the addition, but it working only with /setZone can make the process simpler. I'm going to look into updating our documentation to make this clearer.

    And for additional clarity: for anyone using /addZoneSlave, have no fear, support for that endpoint is not changing and you won't need to make any changes to your app to use /setZone instead.

    Thanks Groucho for raising this question and helping us improve our documentation (I know this is the second time you've helped us out in this way)!

  • Groucho MarxGroucho Marx Member Posts: 8

    Fine! Thanks for your quick reply.

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