Why API doesn't allow changing bass level ?

Why API doesn't allow changing bass level ?

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I'm the owner of SoundTouch 300 + Accoustimass bass module, and I can change the bass level with remote control (BASS + VOLUME -/+) but the API call "GET http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8090/bass" always return 0, instead of actual level (2/5 or 3/5).

From my understanding, it doesn't really support it in the API, and it would be really useful to update the API to add this.

Is it possible to update it in a relative short time ? It would make the API much more useful in my opinion.



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    jimhome1608jimhome1608 Posts: 3Member

    Following JS works fine on my Bose Soundtouch 30 but might be a device specific problem (ie. not working on SoundTouch 300)...

     bass_up_down(up_value) {
       var instance = this;
       var _url = this.get_ip()+":8090/bass";
       if (this.bass == 10) {        
          .then(response => {
            instance.bassObject =  response.data; 
            var parser = new DOMParser();
            var xmlDoc = parser.parseFromString(instance.bassObject,"text/xml");
            var s =  xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("actualbass") [0].childNodes[0].nodeValue;   
            instance.bass = parseInt(s);                 
        var _url = this.get_ip()+":8090/bass";
        if (up_value < 0)
          instance.bass = instance.bass - 1;
          instance.bass = instance.bass + 1;
        if (instance.bass > 0) instance.bass = 0;
        if (instance.bass < -9) instance.bass = -9;
        var _body =  "<bass>"+instance.bass+"</bass>"
        axios.post(_url, _body)
        .then(response => {
          instance.boseObject =  response.data;  
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    Hi all,

    The /bass command is not supported for the SoundTouch 300, unfortunately. I just tested to confirm that the /bassCapabilities endpoint correctly returns false -- this endpoint is your guide for determining where /bass control is supported! Apologies that the API does not support the intended use (controlling bass on SoundTouch 300) at this time.

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