Sync time automatically?

Sync time automatically?

ItzamnaItzamna Member Posts: 1

Hi all,

is there currently any way to sync the time of the internal clock (even unsupported)?
I'm facing the issue, that the time of my Bose Wave Soundtouch is out of sync always a couple of days after I've set up the time manually with the remote device. I'm talking about minutes that the clock goes behind the current time after 1 week.
So I'm looking for a way to sync the devices time with any internet server time automatically. I'm running with the latest software version ( epdbuild.rel_18.x.hepdswbld05.2018-02-16T11:31:46)

Any thought on this?



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    Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi Itzamna,

    Unfortunately, the clock for the Wave is not a part of the same subsystem that our APIs interface with -- at this time, there's no way to interact with the clock other than with the remote. However, you might want to reach out to to see if there is any other way to rectify the clock falling out of sync so quickly.

    Apologies I can't be more of a help at this time!

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