Changing source to Internet Radio or TuneIn

Changing source to Internet Radio or TuneIn

LucVLucV Member Posts: 1
I can change the source of my SA5 to Aux 1, with sending the next XML parameters in a Curl command

<ContentItem source='AUX' sourceAccount='AUX1'></ContentItem>"

How can I set the source to source to Internet Radio or TuneIn.
I tried following parameters but with no success.

<ContentItem source='TUNEIN' sourceAccount=''></ContentItem>"


  • urhanjohnurhanjohn Member Posts: 4
    Hey Luc

    I do not have an SA-5, but this is what's working for me on a SoundTouch 10: I start playing my source (TuneIn or internet radio) in the SoundTouch app. Then I grab the playing information (http://ipaddress-of-my-st10:8090/now_playing) and use the <contentItem>...</contentItem> shown there for my API requests.

    For TuneIn you can simply change the station number (found on in the URL when browsing on in the location-attribute. Example:

    <ContentItem source="TUNEIN" type="stationurl" location="/v1/playback/station/s16326" sourceAccount="" isPresetable="true">
    <itemName>Radio RaBe</itemName>

    Internet radio seems to be more complicated. The location attribute is referring to, so you probably need to set the station in the SoundTouch app. At least I did not succeed in playing internet radio using the stream url itself.

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