Contact Information for Marketing and Sales

Contact Information for Marketing and Sales

ekalipi1ekalipi1 Member Posts: 26

We are hoping that our app ECA - Augmented by Bose Frames will be certified by Bose before this month-end.

We are now moving into the sales and marketing phase, once this happens. Our company is based in India but of course we would to market our app worldwide.
Would it be possible for someone to send us the contact information of the sales and marketing team? Both in India and in Framingham.

At this time, we are interested in the following:
1. Putting our app on the Bose AR Showcase.
2. Packaging our app as an add-on to the Bose Frames product
3.  Packaging the Bose frames as a part of our app sales effort (for a commission).
4. Becoming a Bose reseller.

Kishor Bapat
Ekalipi Institute
P.S. I would like to give special thanks to the developer support team in the assistance that they have given us in our app development.
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