Start play Track in Album

Start play Track in Album

BosePeterBosePeter Member Posts: 4
I try to start play track in album. But this function(below) start play only this track (type="track")  or album(type="album") from last position.

Content:   <ContentItem source="LOCAL_MUSIC" type="track" location="track:949" sourceAccount="1bcb62d3-db40-4bdb-a6c3-0b83e5d02454"></ContentItem>

Is it possible to start play track and then play all tracks on album?
Is there a list of options for "type" and "location" in this function?

Thank you


  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169
    Hi @BosePeter

    Unfortunately, the only officially supported use of /select to start content is by using a ContentItem directly pulled from now playing. We do not support any more granular or specific use of /select in this area. Apologies I can't be more helpful here.

  • BosePeterBosePeter Member Posts: 4
    Hi Zach,
    Can you give me a list of options for "type" and "location"? Is it just a "track" and an "album"?

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