ECA - Ekalipi Call Announcer, our first Bose AR app now in beta. Do you use Frames with Android ?

ECA - Ekalipi Call Announcer, our first Bose AR app now in beta. Do you use Frames with Android ?

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Reposting from the Developer Showcase

Hi All,

Our ECA app is ready. It is currently awaiting certification from Bose.

Our app's basic capability is to announce incoming and outgoing calls with the correct pronunciation . We currently support two pronunciations American and Indian, which you can select on the fly.

We have now enhanced the app by adding some exciting features using Bose AR.

When you receive a call, you will now hear the incoming caller's name through the Frames. To accept the call simply nod your head (up and down). To reject the call, simply shake your head (sideways). You can also end a call by shaking your head (works for both incoming and outgoing calls).

In short, this app allows you to use your frames all day without having to take the phone out of your pocket or purse (i.e. operate in hands-free, ear-free and spoken-comand free mode). 

Due to the cost of the  Frames and the fact that they are new,  it is naturally difficult to find beta testers. So if you do have the configuration above, we will be very grateful if you could please test out our app thoroughly and give us your feedback and suggestions for improvement.  We would like to go GA by November 15 , 2019.

I am including the URL for our beta below. Please contact me within 14 days of installing the app and I will send you a free lifetime registration key for this app.

Please let me know at the email below, when you have installed the app and if you encounter any problems.
Note: In the Bose Connect  app, please turn off Voice Prompts and set Standby Timer to Never. 

Kishor Bapat
Ekalipi Institute
email: [email protected]

P.S. We are currently working on an IOS version but do have a lot of IOS and Bose related challenges to overcome before the IOS app sees the light of day.
If you have a problem installing the app directly from the link above, please copy the link into your browser and run it from there.
Note- Remove any earlier copy of the app from a previous install.
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