Supporting Soundtouch in a hotel environment

Supporting Soundtouch in a hotel environment

bgarr33434bgarr33434 Member Posts: 3
A few questions.  First, I'm going on the assumption that once I get my key for a speaker, my device just needs to be on the same network, but internet is no longer required.  Second, how do I get keys for a large number of speakers.  Is there a mass enrollment option?


  • kdw2060kdw2060 Member Posts: 13
    The key is only needed for the /speaker POST call (transmitting a short soundfile over the speakers), other api-calls don't require a key. The key is also developer-account based and not speaker-based, so one key suffices.

    The /speaker call DOES require internet-access though, your key gets verified over the internet. Other calls don't require internet access as far as i know. The Bose staff on here will be able to corroborate or correct.
  • bgarr33434bgarr33434 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks.  So the only call I will need to make is Volume=X.  If what you say is true, then I only need to know the IP address assigned to each speaker.  Hopefully someone from Bose will confirm!
  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169
    Hi @bgarr33434

    I can confirm that internet access is not required to change the volume! I definitely recommend testing any implementation in this regard before rolling it out broadly, but the specific volume control command does not require internet access.

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    JustAnotherUserJustAnotherUser Member Posts: 17
    @bgarr33434 If you want to control all ST devices volume centrally then connecting them to a network is a requirement. I would recommend creating a separate SSID for the Bose devices to connect to and not a customer facing WiFi network as commands are unauthenticated posing a security risk (in your use case).

    You don't need to know the IP of devices. One possible solution is to auto-discover them. There are other ways such as sending http://<deviceip>:8090/info to every IP. If your network uses DHCP device IPs will change over time.
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