Need help with the correct way to output audio to Bose Frames

Need help with the correct way to output audio to Bose Frames

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jmkanagyjmkanagy Member Posts: 6
I am seeing weird Bluetooth behavior with the Bose Frames. This happens with my own experimental app as well as the supplied SDK examples. It seems there are 2 separate listings in the Bluetooth settings for one Bose Frames: "LE-Bose Frames" used by the SDK, and just "Bose Frames". Why are there two?

It seems that the Bose SDK's ConnectUI at least the way it's being used in the example connects to the "LE Bose Frames" and after it is supposedly connected and the app is receiving all of the sensor data, the Frames keep saying "Ready to connect...". Any audio played through AVAudioPlayer just plays through my phone's external speakers. 

If I go into my phone's BT settings and connect to "Bose Frames", this silences the "Ready to connect..." I can then hear the audio files playing through my app in the Frames. 

Is there a way to just connect to the Bose Frames via the sdk that also runs the audio output through the frames and silences the "Ready to connect"? Is there some magic configuration of AVAudioSession needed?

I have tested on iphone X with ios 12.4.1 and an old iphone S.
SDK is 4.0.11
Bose Frames firmware is latest

Julie Kanagy
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  • jmkanagyjmkanagy Member Posts: 6
    Let me rephrase this:
    Is there any way to silence the Bose Frames constant "Ready to Connect" after successfully connecting via the SDK?

    I have tried disconnecting other BT devices from the iphone, and disconnecting the Bose Frames from other phones/devices. This doesn't solve the problem.

    I could post my code here, but I get "Ready to Connect" constantly even when running the included SDK sample app code. 
  • daniel@bose[email protected] Member Posts: 41

    Thank for reaching out.   Some background on how Bose AR works with regards to the bluetooth.    On IOS you will see two connections -  Bluetooth Classic (Audio) and BLE (Data).   This is normal.

    The first time you connect with a Bose AR device you should download use the Bose Connect App (Frames , QC35) or Bose Music (NC700) to setup your device initially.   The initial pairing is important as the app will set the initial connections and also check to make sure you're on the latest firmware.    We recommend do this at least once. 

    The "Ready to Connect" means the device is searching for the classic bluetooth connection.   Again if you've initially paired via the Bose Connect app, this should go away. 

    If that fails to silence it,  try deleting all of the devices bluetooth connections (forget) and start over using Bose Connect app.

    Once you've done that initial device setup you should not have to run it again.     The connect app is also useful for renaming the frames,  and setting up your choice of virtual assistant.  

    @[email protected]

  • jmkanagyjmkanagy Member Posts: 6
    Thanks so much @[email protected]!

    I did not set up the Frames with the connect app initially. So I "forgot" the Frames, then tried the app to set up an initial connection.

    The app just prompted me to go into my BT settings and select it myself. That's really no different from what I have already been doing. I get the picture that it just has to be done that way, and it makes sense - streaming audio along with all of the sensor data is probably too much for one BT connection. Thanks for confirming the expected behavior!
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