Suggested Improvement for next release of SDks for Android and IOS

Suggested Improvement for next release of SDks for Android and IOS

ekalipi1ekalipi1 Member Posts: 26
1. Two separate prompts instead of a single "voice prompt"option in Bose Connect
    a) One for Bose Confirmation Announcements and error message (e.g. battery status).
    b) Another for other announcements (e.g. incoming caller name or phone number).
2. Voice prompts option should be supported in SDK in addition to Bose Connect. This will allow apps to determine whether incoming call announcements should be made or not at a more granular level (e.g. by contact person).
3. Specify the amount of time that the Bose Frames should remain connected when there is no activity (including always).

BTW is there an expected date for the next AR SDK releases?


  • daniel@bose[email protected] Member Posts: 41
    @ekalipi1  These are awesome suggestions.  I'll bring them to the attention to the  firmware and SDK teams.  Regarding upcoming release dates,  since we are still in beta the frequency and number of minor releases is fluid and subject to change.
    Feedback on the SDKs like this post here and clear and concise reporting of bugs and issues is collected and added to our roadmap, prioritized and added to our development sprints, and finally released as minor updates and patches.   As you can imagine, we have many sources from which to collect and prioritize, so we don't generally release that information,  so not to set our developers with unrealistic expectations.    Again, this is great feedback for our teams, thank you.

    @[email protected]

  • MehakMehak Member Posts: 1
    @[email protected] I have few questions regarding BOSE AR frames Android SDK:

    ·        Is it possible to get speech commands from Bose Frames without interacting through google assistant?

    ·        Is it possible to bring android application to the foreground through speech command?

    Currently, I am doing R and D on it. I found some third party libs for this feature

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