SDK 4.0.8 & rotation issue

SDK 4.0.8 & rotation issue

ericdoleckiericdolecki Member Posts: 15
In my receivedRotation callback, I am doing the following:

func receivedRotation(quaternion: Quaternion, accuracy: QuaternionAccuracy, timestamp: SensorTimestamp) {

    let upDown = quaternion.xRotation



I am getting values on either side of 3. As I look up and down with my Rondo. I get



etcetera. Nothing in between -3 and 3. I am unsure why this might be happening.


  • Nadine@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 111
    Hi @ericdolecki ,

    For the data example app, is that the same thing you are receiving as well?
  • ericdoleckiericdolecki Member Posts: 15
    This is in my own app. I checked my Frames and they are up to date. Perhaps because SDK 4.0.8 is beta?
  • Nadine@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 111
    Hi Eric, 

    I was hoping if you can actually run the data example app to see if you are getting the same numbers. The SDK should not have these issues. Our first debugging is to check the data example app to see if that is also the same result. 

    Please run the data example app so we can narrow it down to a hardware issue or software issue.  Please also confirm your firmware version as well for the hardware. 

  • ericdoleckiericdolecki Member Posts: 15
    Interesting. I ran the latest data example app and it seems to be getting the proper values. I'm not sure what is different in that compared to mine - but I assume that I'll need to grab some code from the example app. Thanks :)
  • ericdoleckiericdolecki Member Posts: 15
    I am on the right track now. Thanks.
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