How to access the voice detection features of the Frames in Unity?

How to access the voice detection features of the Frames in Unity?

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I want to use the voice detection to do particular tasks. Also how to set spatial points from which a user can hear a beep and decide to take action from? Thank you


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    Thanks for your questions.  

    The first part, about voice detection.

    The Bose AR SDK / Plugin for Unity provides access to the sensor data off Bose AR-enabled devices.
    The audio from the microphone is handled separately from the SDK via a Bluetooth connection. 

    Voice detection is not part of our sdk, instead you'd have to use another plugin or write your own script to handle audio processing.  I don't have any recommendations at the moment, but I'll ask our team.

    Regarding spatial audio, the concept is quite straight-forward.  
    Here's a good video overview of setting up spatial audio sources in Unity.

    By default, the main camera has the listener attached, so one simple way to use it with Bose AR is to attach the rotation matcher to that camera, then place game objects with audio sources around the camera.   
     As the (Camera) listener turns, and is oriented towards each object the sound will appear louder.  You can also animate those audio objects to move closer and farther away from the virtual listener.

    If you want to do things programmatically, Unity provides a script API and a method for PlayClipAtPoint:

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    Thank you so much. I really appreciate it :smile:
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