Xamarin App integration with Bose SDK

Xamarin App integration with Bose SDK

LavanyaBLavanyaB Member Posts: 1
can I integrate my ios App developed using Xamarin with Bose SDK ?


  • daniel@bose[email protected] Member Posts: 41
    @LavanyaB - Interesting question.  Sure you could technically build a Xamarin plugin for each of our SDKs (IOS and Android) and then use with Xamarin.   That effort would not be trivial and as you can imagine, outside of the scope of what we can support you with here.   I will say if you're interested in native application development, our SDK is really straightforward to use on IOS, Android or Unity.    If your goal is both cross-platform and native applications - then the Unity path is a great option.

    Thanks for your question.
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