Possibility to disable DontDestroyOnLoad

Possibility to disable DontDestroyOnLoad

BauerBauer Member Posts: 8
unity 2018.3

I am using the Bose Frames to make some mini games and have to go from one scene to another in unity.
Sorry if the question sounds obvious. My problem is that the objects associated with the Wearable Connect UI Panel, Calibration Demo UI Panel, and calibration script have an automatic DontDestroyOnLoad() function associated that I would like to disable.
I remarked that you are using Singleton patterns that create that behaviour (with my understanding). Is it possible to disable the DontDestroyOnLoad behaviour to avoid having different audioListeners when loading several scene successively?

Many thanks ! :smile:



  • BauerBauer Member Posts: 8
    I just understood how to make it work!
    So that's all good :)
  • Filip@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 43
    Hey @Bauer !
    We don't attach audioListeners to our prefabs, these might have been added in your own project. I would suggest that you leave the DontDestroyOnLoad component on, as the functionality of things like the WearableConnectUIPanel depend on it sticking around in your scenes to maintain it’s full functionality.
    Hope that helps,

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