ANNOUNCEMENT: Publishing Bose AR Apps - Certification & Timeline

ANNOUNCEMENT: Publishing Bose AR Apps - Certification & Timeline

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Michael@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 66

Hello Bose AR Developers,

We are thrilled that you've chosen to build with us! We realize that there are many platforms vying for your attention, and we are grateful for all of the excitement and interest we have seen in publishing Bose AR apps.

The Bose AR platform is currently in Beta, and as such we are still in the middle of standing up several processes that will be critical to providing a quality developer experience at scale. One of those is the Bose AR App Certification process.

As you may know, we are requesting that developers certify their applications with Bose before submitting to the app stores, including the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This is for a number of reasons, and here are a few:

1. To make it easy and seamless to submit a Bose AR app to the app stores, once certified, without fear of rejection for incorrect configuration or other potential issues.

2. To be able to provide badges which certify that your app is officially Bose AR enabled

3. To ensure your users have the best experience with the Bose AR enabled functions your app provides

4. To qualify relevant apps for potential featuring and co-marketing opportunities Bose may be able to, in certain situations, provide

5. And, of course, to ensure Bose AR enabled apps comply with our terms of service and don't break applicable laws

During the SXSW timeframe in March of this year, 2019, we ran a pilot of the certification process with a small, select group of developers, and those 10 or so apps were able to pass that version of the process. Many of them have already published to the iOS App Store. Since then, however we have paused to reimagine the certification process for scale, so that we can support a great many more developers building Bose AR enabled applications on an ongoing basis.

Because we also committed to creating a certification process that is transparent, fair and easily understandable, it may be some time before we will be able to allow developers currently awaiting certification to publish to the App Stores, and we appreciate your patience.

Our current plans are to be able to provide a certification process that will allow developers building Bose AR enabled applications to be submitted within four (4) weeks from this post. Until that time, we are asking all developers currently planning to submit their Bose AR enabled apps to mobile app stores to wait until we make our certification process available.

We thank you for your patience, and we will be updating this post when certification becomes available.

-The Developer Relations Team @ Bose


  • MuralidharMuralidhar Member Posts: 2
    Hi, We have developed BOSE Frames enabled Android app. We want to publish that app into playstore, Do we need certification from BOSE , if yes Please let us know process and links.
  • yosunyosun Member Posts: 29
    Hi, time flies - been a while! - what's the latest? 
  • squaresetsoundsquaresetsound Member Posts: 4
    Yes, it would be good to know what the approval process is!
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    Julio@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 33
    Hi @Muralidhar, @yosun, @squaresetsound,

    Thank you for your posts and being a part of the community. 

    We have launched the Bose AR App Certification process and you can find out about it here <a rel="nofollow" href="" title="Link:"></a>.<br>
    [email protected]

  • MuralidharMuralidhar Member Posts: 2
    @[email protected]  Thanks for the links about certification process. We have submitted my prototype 6days back. When can I expect feedback from Bose team.
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