App Store Metadata Rejection - VOIP?

App Store Metadata Rejection - VOIP?

yosunyosun Member Posts: 29
Is VOIP a requirement for the Unity Plugin? I submitted an app last night with the same settings as the Bose AR example app and received metadata rejection just now: 

Guideline 2.5.4 - Performance - Software Requirements

 Your app declares support for VoIP in the UIBackgroundModes key in your Info.plist, but it does not include any Voice over IP services.

Next Steps
 To resolve this issue, please revise your app to either add VoIP features or remove the "voip" setting from the UIBackgroundModes key. We recognize that VoIP can provide "keep alive" functionality that is useful for many app features. However, using VoIP in this manner is not the intended purpose of VoIP.


  • Michael@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 66
    Hi @yosun - thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Before going into the question about VOIP I should mention that we are in Dev Preview mode still with all Bose AR SDKs and Plug Ins and as such the current licensing agreement that you accepted actually prohibits you from submitting to the App Store, since you are using pre-release software that may not be correctly configured and is not production ready. 

    Regarding the VOIP issue - and, again, thank you for bringing this to our attention - This setting was erroneously set and is not required for the project. If you wanted to solve this for yourself, you can simply turn this setting off in your Player Settings in Unity.

    However, this issue is (according to what we can tell) only present if you've taken our Github Unity project to build with instead of using the UnityPackage linked to from the "releases" section of our developer website. 

    Finally, we've gone ahead and fixed this issue going forward for all versions so it shouldn't be a problem in upcoming releases, regardless of where you get them.

    Hope that helps!

    Developer Relations @ Bose
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    yosunyosun Member Posts: 29
    Hi Thanks for clarifying on VOIP - had assumed it was ancillary but didn't want to risk an unexpected crash. 

    @[email protected] What's the roadmap for when developers can publish the app to the store? 

    I hope Testflight submission is okay? The only people I know with Bose Frames who can help user test out my app don't live close by. 


    Also, in regards to the dev preview submission issue: 

    I want to take the initiative to apologize on behalf of my team and myself, for the misunderstanding in your terms and the sudden app publication. 

    The submission at this time was largely due to your Bose SXSW Capital Factory contest deadline. One application question was on the readiness of the app, and we had thought that "submitted to the App Store" on that front, would make for a very strong entry! 

    This opportunity seemed a great way to showcase the polished, combination of a variety of things that we have been working on for the past decade. We're open to discussion. 
  • Michael@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 66
    Hi @yosun thanks for the note, and no worries at all!

    In terms of roadmap, of course, I can't comment on our roadmap, but I would say that during the SXSW timeframe of early-to-mid March you will start to see a lot of your questions answered via updates and announcements we plan to make. That should hopefully clarify questions you have about publishing and otherwise. I know that's not a satisfying answer, but answers are coming in the near future! FWIW

  • yosunyosun Member Posts: 29
    Any updates? @[email protected]
  • Michael@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 66
    Hi @yosun - as I mentioned, you can expect that during the SXSW timeframe of early-to-mid March you will start to see a lot of your questions answered via updates and announcements we plan to make.

    And I should specify, in case it wasn't obvious, that SXSW in the context of Bose refers mostly to SXSW Interactive, which will begin over this coming weekend and continue through next week!
  • yosunyosun Member Posts: 29
     Hi! Just wanted to check back on your app review process again...
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