Feedback on glasses and current functions

Feedback on glasses and current functions

LomotpkLomotpk Member Posts: 5
Don't know where to put this...

- purchased round ones 4 days ago
- swapped in a set of clear prescription lenses that sorta fit 
- have been using daily for 3 days now, at work

Comments so far:
- change order of messages when picking up from charging. Currently says "50% charged. Connected to iphone56" reverse this. "Connected to iphone56. 50% charged". 


Timing of the unplug and put on. When you pickup/unplug it immediately triggers the message. However... it takes a few seconds to bring up to head and put on. Thus... I miss the important info - charge status - and get a repeat of info that doesn't really change, the pairing ID. 

Second, longer term....

- need a volume control on the glasses. Several times a day wish I could reach up and slide finger along a strip and adjust up or down.
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