Frames with Unity Editor

Frames with Unity Editor

jakemandozzijakemandozzi Member Posts: 5
Is it possible to use a pair of Frames with the Unity Editor?


  • Nadine@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 111

    If I understand correctly, we have a unity plugin that you can use.  The plugin is specifically designed for iOS. In unity, you have a chance to pick iOS stack to compile the code. XCode will launch, and you can use the frames when you select the proper iOS hardware (your phone) to demo the app.  

    Specifically the editor itself- no. You will need XCode.  Frames work with Bluetooth connection. 

    I hope this answers your question. If not, can you clarify more on your question/objectives are?

  • jakemandozzijakemandozzi Member Posts: 5
    My objective is to be able to connect the Frames to the Unity Editor directly, instead of needing to run it on a phone and use that connection. This would help speed up our iteration time.
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    Nadine@Bose[email protected] Member Posts: 111
    Hi @jakemandozzi

    I actually stand corrected - you can.  Here's the link to help you through that:

    Basically, you’ll be using a mobile proxy to do this, thereby preventing the need to build on a mobile device.  Sorry about that! I'm use to compiling code via XCode. 

    If you have more questions, please reach out!

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