/volume post LED

/volume post LED

phiveyephiveye Member Posts: 3


I'm writing a driver for a universal remote to control the Soundtouch 300 via IP instead of IR. One thing I've noticed is when posting a new volume to the Soundtouch 300, the LED on the front doesn't blink signaling a volume change like it does when a volume change via IR is sent. Is this normal?



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    Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi phiveye,

    I'm looking into this with the team, and will let you know what I hear!

  • phiveyephiveye Member Posts: 3

    Hi Zach,

    Sounds good, thanks! I definitely miss the visual cue that the volume changed. I really wish we could have some control over the LED's via the API.

  • Zach@Bose[email protected] Admin Posts: 169

    Hi phiveye,

    Unfortunately, I can confirm that this behavior is expected based on the current implementation. I'll let the right team know that this is a potential opportunity for improvement (having the LED blink on a /volume POST), and if that makes it into a future update I'll report back here. Apologies in the meantime!

  • phiveyephiveye Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for the update Zach, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the dev team will implement this in a future update.

  • mkandilmkandil Member Posts: 4

    Could you please share with us the volume post command which you send through IP

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